Our Service To You



Every wedding and event is unique. We look forward to getting to know you, customizing the perfect sound and DJ package for your specific needs, and collaborating with you on your vision. With us, your special event is in the best hands.



Our wedding services completely satisfy every sound and DJ need you will have on your big day! From pre-ceremony seating music all the way to your very last dance of the evening and celebratory exit, we make sure that every special speech, introduction, transition, and song for your dance party are perfectly orchestrated.



Pre-ceremony music is provided as guests are seated, as well as music for all entrances and exits for family, bridal party, and finally, the bride. We provide amplification for the officiant, couple’s vows, live instruments, and any other ceremony micing needs.


Enjoy a specially curated playlist to create an intentional atmosphere for mingling guests. This can range from Classical to Jazz to modern mixes. Transition from ceremony to reception will be seamless and provide great energy for the start of the party!


From bridal party reception entrance, to special toasts and speeches, to dances and dinner announcements, to whatever is needed on-the-fly, we provide all emcee and musical elements needed to guide your reception gracefully through each special moment and an unforgettable dance party. We prioritize coordination with your event planner, venue coordinator, photographer and other vendors to make sure that transitions between each special moment of the night are completely seamless.




Whether it be a conference, a holiday party or promotional program, West Meets West provides the sound production and elegant presence needed for a high class, engaging night. Microphones and speakers, as well as optional emcee services and a perfectly timed and curated soundtrack for your evening allows you and your company to truly enjoy your perfectly planned night.




Our minimalist, aesthetic set up allows us to either amp up the sound in a large ballroom or provide subtle, elegant atmosphere in your private home or special venue. In any context, West Meets West provides a classy center for the perfect playlist, personalized flow, and meaningful messages.