Our wedding services completely satisfy every sound and dancing need you will have on your big day! From pre-ceremony seating music all the way to your very last dance of the evening, we make sure that every special speech, introduction, transition, and song for your dance party are perfect.

Ebby L Photography

Ebby L Photography



Pre ceremony music is provided as guests are seated, as well as music for all entrances and exits for family, bridal party, and finally, bride. We make sure all amplification and is available for the officiant, couple’s vows, and any other ceremony micing needs.


Curated playlist to create vibe for waiting, mingling guests. This can range from classical to Jazz to modern mixes. Transition from ceremony to reception will be seamless and provide great energy for beginning the party!


From bridal party reception entrance, to special toasts and speeches, to dances and dinner announcements, to whatever is needed on-the-fly, we provide all emcee and musical elements needed to guide your reception gracefully through each special moment and an unforgettable dance party. We prioritize coordination with your event planner, venue coordinator, photographer and other vendors to make sure that transitions between each moment of the night are seamless.